Difference between Vendor ageing and Vendor Trial Balance

The amount as per Vendor Detailed ageing and Vendor Trial balance is different for vendors whose currency is different than local currency.

Amount as per Vendor detailed ageing is the amount in foreign currency multiplied by the closing rate.

can anyone help me corerct the amount as per TB/chart of accounts?

You can always run the revaluation routines to revalue your ledgers, they should then balance.

Basically the TB is from the COA so it is the local currency at the time of the transaction - this is static. The vendor ageing is the debt, so this natually moves with the currency fluctuations. What will happen is when the amount is paid the TB values alter as they are reversed and the potential currency gain and loss is posted to the ledger. Ultimately until it is paid the balance cannot be made.

Thanks for your reply.

where will i find Revaluation Routines?

pls help.

I no longer have Navision, but in the General Ledger module from memory, probably in the periodic section.