Difference between Supply Performance and Vendor delivery performance on receipt

Can someone explain to me the difference between these two reports and their intended uses?

These are found under Procurement and Sourcing > Reports > Distribution

I get conflicting information for “On-Time” and “Average Days Late” between the two reports.

In order to find out more I created test-data with delayed PO’s, but they are not shown on the Supply Performance report.

The Vendor delivery performance on receipt seems to make more sense to me.

Hey axrbrook,

You can take a look at the data providers to figure out exactly what’s happening for these reports - PurchSupplyPerformanceDP and PurchSupplyPerformanceOnReceiptDP, respectively.

PurchSupplyPerformance - Looks like the report compares the DateExpected and DatePhysical on the inventtrans tableto see how many days late something is.

PurchSupplyPerformanceOnReceiptDP - this looks like it’s comparing the PurchaseLineExpectedDate and the DeliveryDate from the VendPackingSlipTrans table to compare the performance.

Had you received your purchase orders you used for testing? It doesn’t look like they’ll show up in here unless they’re received.


Hey Jake,

Great! Thank you for helping me out. :slight_smile: