Difference between production BOM line types

Can anybody help me deficifer the navision help text regarding the difference between production BOM lines that are of type “Item” and those that are of type “Production BOM”. Surely, both achieve the same net effect in producing your finnished item but will they behave differently in planning?

Hi Chris Are you familiar with maufacturing and the concept of a Phantom? If the Component is an Item you can flag it as an item and therefore you will need this in stock and the leadtime of it adds in when making the parent. If you use the item as a Production BOM the item becomes a Phantom. The Production BOM are used to simplify the views and are used to dtermine demand. The Production BOM will not have an item card and is never a finished product. The MRP logic will drive straight through the phantom to the components. In short a Production BOM is used to simplify the approach and create a transitionary item that is never stocked but aides in the planning of the item. Does this help or have I confused you more than the help?

No confusion Steven… thats cleared things up. Thanks. Chris.