Difference between MorphX & Intellimorph?

Hi can any one tell me the Difference between MorphX & Intellimorph? I know Morphx but Intellimorph, where we use Intellimorph ?

Hello Santhosh,

MorphX is the Microsoft Dynamics AX IDE( Integrated Development Environment) which includes:

  • Data Dictionary

  • Tools for creating menus, forms and reports for Windows- and Web clients

  • Compiler and debugger for the object oriented programming language X++

  • Version control system

  • Label (multi language text) systems

IntelliMorph is the Runtime Environment embedded in Microsoft Dynamics AX, that draws menus, forms, and reports for Windows- and Web-clients with the correct contents, size, and layout according to:

  • The language your texts are displayed in.

  • What features you can access.

  • How wide you want the fields on your installation.

  • The formats you are using for dates and numbers.

For example:

1. When you use field groups, IntelliMorph can automatically update the layout of all related forms and reports whenever a modification is made to the field groups. If you create new forms or reports based on the field groups defined in the standard tables, you will not have to manually update the custom object when the standard tables are modified by an upgrade.

2. When you create reports, it is recommended that you use the Auto design. When you use the Auto Design the IntelliMorph technology automatically adjusts the layout in your reports.

Tnx a lot Shankar Dutt Sharma… :slight_smile:

Morph X is an IDE for Developers to design the application objects…bur intelliMorph is as technology which controls the user interface of dynamics ax. Means how the functionality of the application is presented or displayed to the user…& it is easy to modify the forms ,reports…etc