Difference between "Job Budget Entry" and "-Line"

What is the (functional) difference between the following two tables: “Job Budget LINE” and “Job Budget ENTRY”? The second one being filled automatically after the Cost and/or Price is entered in the first one?

Hi! Yes - The idea is that the Job Budget Line is your current planned costing & the Job Budget Entry tracks the financial changes you may have made during the lifespan of the job/project. That way, if the customer asks when a pricing change was made, you can check when it was done and who made the change.

Thanks Edward, this sounds logical. BUT: As far as I can see there is a 1:1 relation between the two tables. Whenever I change the Cost/Price in the first one, it gets changed in the second one without any trace of the original entry. Am I missing something?

Hello Markus, Yes, I’m afraid that this is the case.[B)]

But with the entries You can split the quantity over different days. It’s also the entries that the flowfields on the resource is based. You also have a lot more flexibility using the entries when doing mods in the jobs and resources module. Rgds /Lars