Difference between findset and modifyall..


i am confuse between findset and modifyall…Can we do modify record using the findset…

This is exactly the type of stuff that you should have a senior for. You should have someone senior that you can go to with questions like these.

Click on the Help menu and select “C/SIDE Reference Guide”. Go to the search tab, enter ‘findset’ and click the ‘List Topics’ button. browse around and read the syntax descriptions. After you’re satisfied that you know what FINDSET does, search for ‘modifyall’ and to the same. After you’ve read all about these commands, and you still don’t understand the difference, come back and tell us exactly which part is unclear and ask a specific question.

Try to read Introduction to C/AL manual from Microsoft.

I take nothing away from Denster, he is correct… HARD but correct…

also try this link


Forgot all about that one Paddy, good one [Y]


you take my question wrongly. I was asking that what is Difference in modifying Records using FINDSET and MODIFYALL.



No I understand your question perfectly. BUT instead of just giving you the answer, I am telling you where you can find it yourself. Now you have the power to figure things out yourself, and be a better developer.