Difference between create inventory putawa/pick and whse pick


Released production order -à create inventory putaway/pick

Released production order à create Whse Pick

Released production order à create inbound whse request

I have used the first one only … but I need to know what is the difference between them

What is the main role of each one … and when we have to use it

thank you for every one can help

The difference is in the level of warehousing funcitonaity you have purchased. The inventory pick and putaway creates one document connected to the originating document to handle the receipt and shipping of the goods. The warehouse side creates a whole new level of processing requirements.

Hi Steven ,

Thank you for your reply … soory i didn’t pay attention that i have an answer else today

Yes i get the idea …

Can I have at least one scenario … how can i use create invemtory putaway / pick … because it aalwys give me nothing

thank you again

Hi Jouhayna

Flag a location needing picks. I would recommend you do not use bins. Book some stock in. Load a sales order for the location and use the function to create an inventory pick, it will then appear in goods handling order by order.

Great Steven …

Finally I get where this functionality can work … I 've tried your scenario … it works …thank you again

but still i have a question why it is put in the FUNCTION Button in Released Production Order.

Does it make any sence to be put there … Correct me please if I am wrong … Or also give me a hint how it should be used from RPO .

You are really helping me too much .

Hi Jouhayna

You are performing a function when you create the pick/putaway so it does make sense, but there are lots of menu options that are not quite right in version 4 so it is down to individual interpretation. There is also the batch job to produce picks and putaways in the warehouse section that creates them for everything you specify, but to be honest it does make sense to have it under functions, especially under purchase and sales orders, so they are just being consistent.

Hi steven ,

Thank you Steven …