Difference between AX & FOCUS ERP

Hi All,

Could any body explain regarding the difference between Microsoft Dynamics AX and FOCUS ERP.

As one of the client (prospect) is already using FOCUS ERP but he is interested in taking AX.

So how do i convince him to take AX, Rather i would like to ask the major points where AX stands ahead when compared to FOCUS.

Can any one share the document or explain in detail regarding this issue.
Or i would like to call in person if any consultant is willing to share his experience regarding this issue.

I would ask you straight, how do i convert FOCUS client to AXAPTA.

Thanks in Advance

Microsoft have specific competitor information https://mbs.microsoft.com/partnersource/sales/competitiveinformation/ for partners. Focus is not one so is not condiered key.

What I would say these are always against the base product, the easiest way then to get around this is to talk to the prospect, get them to tell you the pains they have with Focus and then you can answer these using AX as the solution.

Hi Adam,

Thanks for the responce but i could not get what i want. The information what you send is to compare with SAP, ORACLE, JD Edwards SAGE etc.
But not in compassion with FOCUS ERP. So where do i get the information for what i require any idea. Suggest me any solution or an idea.

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That is my point, Microsoft have only done “key” competitor information, for the rest you are on your own.