Difference between 310 and 300

Hi, In the granual “Relationship Management” in setup → “relationship Management Setup” in version 3 → the field "Virtual Customer No. " exist but in version 310, it is not there … where do I find it, how was it replaced ?? how can I do a cotation with the new version.

Hi Andre, In 3.10 you may enter a quote in Sales for a Contact, even when this contact is not a customer yet. What you need do in the header of a Quote is: - enter “Sell-to Contact No.” instead of “Sell-to Customer No.” - enter a “Sell-to Customer template” Customer templates is a new feature (under Setup in Sales) that contains the fields that are mandatory in Sales, without the need of attaching them to a Customer. Kind regards, Hans Fousert Schouw Informatisering The Netherlands