difference before and after super() method in ax 2009

Can anyone explain the before and after super() method in ax 2009… the override methods contain the Super(). some coding will come before Super() some will come after…I need the explain with the sample…anyone can help me?

super() calls the same method in the parent class. If you put something above super(), it’s called before the code in the parent class, it it’s below super(), the base implementation is executed before your code.

Hi Martin and All dynamicsusers,

Ok…I caught what u coming to pointout… What My Question is Why we using before and After Super()…?

What is the purpose to call its Parent class…? Can anyone give the brief explaination with example?

or help with any website link…!

Thanks in Advance…

Your question can be rephrased to “What’s the purpose of sequence of methods?” Does it really need an explanation? You obviously can’t just call your methods in random order, e.g. trying to insert record to database before creating it.