Difference B/w AX2009 & AX2012 Financial Closing

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There is any difference b/w Ax2009 & AX2012 Financial Year closing or the same steps which we did in 2009.

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There is no change in the Process.

Thanks Ahuja

I tried to close fiscal year in AX2012 but doesn’t work & I did the same steps like Ax2009. I did the following step if any step is missing please inform me

· Set the status for the period is ON-HOLD

· In GL parameter I enabled only First option – “Delete close-of-year transaction during transfer”

· GL > Periodic > Fiscal Year Close > Open Transaction

· Enter end Date 31-Dec-2012 – Only Opening Balances

· Enter Main account – Retained Earning Account

· Enter Voucher No – FYC-001

· Click Print Created Transaction

· Click ok

But system not create any transactions, I have only balance sheet accounts value, I just want to transfer 31st Dec 2012 closing balances to 1st Jan 2013 opening balances.

Someone told me to create the posting definition (GL >> Setup >> Posting >> Posting Definition) & set into GL parameter (GL >> Setup >> Parameter >> Accounting Rule >> Click Use Posting Definition).

This is Urgent please suggest me…

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