Diff. of NAV Change Log Entry and SQL Log file

Hi, Im using the NAV 5 sp1 and SQL Express Edition, and my database is closely to 4gb but when I check the Log File of SQL it has 13gb and my .MDF file is closely to 4gig. my question is why is the LOG FILE became 13gig,SQL express edition has limit of 4gb. Does it mean that it 4gb limit is compose only of .MDF? and another thing is the Change Log Entry of NAV is diffrnt from LOG file of SQL? Hoping for your reply. Thanks

I think there is not much relation between Change Log Entry and SQL Log file. Generally Change Log is not activated on all the tables, it is used for very less number of table otherwise database size will increase hugely.

There may be a possibility that the size of Change Log table is less than 100 MB in your database whereas Log File is 13 gigs.