Diff Between Return order and Credit Memo


I have a Question in NAV…what is the Difference Between the RETURN ORDER and CREDIT MEMO? Hoping for your reply…THANKS :smiley:

Could everybody please use the search function of the forum.

A lot of answers are here; a good one here.

Actually Walter, you would be surprised, not only are the number of people using search at a record high, but more importantly the Ratio is higher than ever. (We have some server permissions I can’t figure out at themoment, so I can’t get the latest stats, but), from the last stats I looked at some months back… on MBSOnline, there were approximately 3 people searching the site (excluding bots) for each loged in user. Now since the move to Community Server its 7:1 the search page is now continuously one of the most opened pages on the Dynamics User Group. So people really are using the search engine.

And now the paradox. In fact a good search engine is actually quite bad for the site. The reason being, that its so easy for people to find information though search, that there is no need for them to post at all. so we start to lose a lot of information about who is looking at what. Great would be if whwn people find somethign through search that they thank the poster, and bump the thread, so that we can see really what was usefull to them.

Interesting post.

There is a nice option on the MacUser.de board. The reader can say “Thank you” to the poster. Sorry, it is in German. However, it says something like “The following 5 users say thank you to for the useful post”. I personally think that’s a much better option then the “star-ranking” for the posts we have.

Yes that does sound better.