Diff between Production BOM No & Assembly list

Hi Steven, long time i didn’t come to this site . I need to help me to know the difference between the following A & B A : On item card —> on tab replenishment —> about Production BOM NO. B : On item card ----> on item button —> Assembly list —> bil of Material When items should have to fill choice A ? When items should have to fill choice B ? When items should have to fill both A & B ? I Regonized that in cronus only used option A & B for item LS-100 only having both options … Is it only to explode it ??? I am confused in distinguishing between these two things … so pls any help will be appreciated thank you Jouhayna

Hi Jouhayna I would say the simplest different is with A you set up Bills of Material and they are used in the production granules of Navision for shop floor processing. The assembly BOM is more inclined to a sales kitting operation (or whatever you want to use them for) utilising the BOM journals. Manufacturing companies will use Production BOM’s, anyone simply kitting will not undergo this expense and processing and will define assembly BOM’s.

Hi Steven , Thank you very much for your reply . it is very clear now I would only add one more difference that using choice B … we can use function → explode BOM on purchase order ----> other wise with choice A we can’t explode the item on purchase order

Hi Jouhayna The reason you do no explode the BOM on the PO is that “you” make it [:D]

Hi Steven , Yes you are right Boss . Thank you again