Diff. b/w '2009 R2 classic' and '2009 R2 classic with SQL server'...

Hi Experts,

Please anybody clarify me and how can i install Navision2009R2 without SQL server.

Do you want to use it for yourself or for multi user purpose?


Presently its single user but in future it would be multiple…

Then you can simply run fin.exe which is under DVD path

Dynamics.NAV60R2.IN.1097407.DVD\CsideClient\program files\Microsoft Dynamics NAV\60\Classic

Hi Rishi,

There is no option to install the Classic client of NAV 2009 R2 without the SQL Server option.

The difference between “2009 Classic Client” and “2009 Classic Client with SQL Option” is which EXE-file you run to open the client. So if you want to run it with the native database only, then just run the FIN.EXE. And if you really don’t want it to be installed on the users harddrive, then you manually can delete the FINSQL.EXE and the shortcut in the start menu.

Hi Mohana,

That’s true, that will work, but only if he already has installed the client on the PC. Otherwise it will not work correctly as “support programs” are not installed this way. And it’s never recommended to run directly from a DVD.

Thank you Erik.

Like what support programs do we need to run classic client?

But there is any need to install NAV Application Server(NAS) ???

Only if you need it. So if you need the Job Queue or similar to run at all times then you need, otherwise not and then no need to install it. And when you install, then don’t run the “Demo Install” as this will install everything incl. SQL. From the Product DVD go to the ClassicClient folder and install from here.

If you check the install folder on the product DVD then you’ll see. When you install it’s setting up some settings in the registry. If you haven’t run the install program then it will not be able to set this etc.

Thanks a lot to Erik and Mohana for sharing your most Valuable Knowledge …