Diff b/n sales table and sales parameters table?


will u explain what is sales parameters table and its usage? and diff b/n sales & sales parameters table?

SalesTable holds the header information of the sales orders.

SalesParameters holds the different setups that guide how the different functionalities should behave(Look into help for more information about the different parameters).

Hello balu,

Sales Table holds each sales order information , Sales Table is the master table in AR module. Sales Parameters holds only a single record and work as a setup table in AR module. Setups in AR module are done using parameter table.


Varun Garg

Hi Varun,

I want more explanation with example & what is the use of parameters Table?




I thought Kranthi’s post clearly explains nature of parameter tables.

Would like to suggest you to spend some time and understand how parameter table affects a specific functionality (for example sales order process).