DIEF - format

Hi All ,

AX 2012 , CU7 .

Source Data format form in DIEF Setup :

File The File format allows for text (ie. csv format )

In Right side options :

File Format - Delimited

Row Delimtier - {CR}{LF}

Column Delimtier - Comma{,}

Text Qualifier - -

Code Page - 65001

Role Seperator - ;

Create a new processing group. Select the entity you just created. Select the source data format. Save the record.

Click on the Generate source file button and the wizard will appear. But all the sample generated in the text format only .

Even i have Configured the CSV format , why it is taking Text format only.

Does it support the CSV format or Did i miss any other setup ?

What’s the problem with the output file? CSV is a text format (with Comma-Separated Values), therefore saying “the sample is generated in the text format” doesn’t indicate any error.