Did you find them all at one place?

One thing which at times takes me by surprise is this: After dealing with the product for years coming to know of a source of knowledge/information related to Navision Products through the unofficial/informal channel. To give few examples, let’s see how many of us have had information on this and from where? 1. A web site for “User Portal”, http://userportal.navision.com 2. A web site for “Commerce Portal”, http://commerceportal.navision.com 3. For commerce gateway also there was one, but i can’t recollect now. I think a few like these existed, not sure: 1.http://training.navision.com 2.http://technet.navision.com(Came to know only by reading a thread in a forum) Can others point out if there are any others or changes to above so that we can add them in “Useful Links” section, if acceptable to Erik. I hope the above will be v.much useful to newcomers as well as to the Seniors. I would welcome very much contribution from other members.

Sorry, I am not replying to any topic but I am new here and since we are seriously considering Navision/Incadea as our DMS solution, I thout I might get some information on some troubling issues: 1. We have been told that Navision is bandwidth hungry (a figure of 20kb per user has been mentioned) and yet we have 7 branches with approximately 60 (WAN) users all linked through leased lines currently at 32 kbps. We are currently using Sun Solaris Unix and we have found that 32 kbps is adequate for accessing the DMS. Need I worry? It has also been mentioned that we need Citrix. Is this the case? We also have another 80 users on the LAN. 2. Someone (Navision’s competitor) has also sent me an article by Oracle showing how inferior SQL Server is to Oracle. I am looking for any counter information from Microsoft and hopefully I will find it. The question is whether I will need the SQL Server and whether Oracle’s “rubbishing” of SQL is justified. Need I worrry about it? 3. We are quite happy with what we have seen of Navision/Incadea but if the operating environment becomes a hindrance, then Microsoft have to do something about it. Are they? njonjo@cmcmotors.com