Did anyone read microsoft new annocement?

July 1, 2006, Microsoft Business Solutions will be merged with Microsoft Corporation. I guess that once this goes through. Microsoft will change NAV to MIC and a new product will emerge for Nth time with new rules, design and so forth.

NAV will still be NAV but the interface will be streamlined to Outlook, Word, AX etc.

You can se some of the new interface for NAV 5.0, 22 min in the Bill Gates keynotes at convergence

http://www.microsoft.com/winme/0603/27387/Convergence_BillG_mbr.asx (start at 20-22 min, or see the hole thing) :wink:

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When they changed the Name from MBS to Dynamics, they made it pretty clear that this was in the works, so no real surprises here. Also NAV is a sub set of Dynamics, as previosuly it was a part of MBS, so I think MIC makes no sense to even think about.

In any case, we all know that NAV will eventually vanish, and it will be just Dynamics. Personally I think that of all the names, only Dynamics and Navsion sounded good marketing wise, but Navision is too European for an international product, so I think that Dynamics was the right choice.

Not sure I agree, take this scenario:

You are out one night, general chit chat, you start singing the praises of Dynamics.

next day the guy you was talking to logs on and goes to Google types in Dynamics Accounts,

23,600,000 results the first being

The orbital dynamics accounts for multi-body gravitational interactions, relativistic effects, nonspherical gravity fields, and tides on Earth and Moon.

They need a unique marketable name and just Dynamics is not that.

Microsoft Dynamics not even on the first page, I rest my case

Although I see your point, I don’t think that it is really that important. You could have used the same argument for products such as Windows, Excel or Word. All of which ere generic terms before the mighty Micosoft Marketing machine made them what they are now.

ow long is it since you heard someone say, “I will work out a 123” or a Visicalc, for that matter who even uses the word “Spreadsheet” any more. Its always “I will send you an excel with the details”.

Its unlikely that someone that does not know what dynamics is would be searching just for that word, they would be searching for something more specific. And even though right now you are correct, I think in a short time frame, the search engine spiders are going to be finding a lot more usage of the word Dynamcs in the accouting field.

I bet MSN search will give it you on the first page [;)]