DialogRunBase Class: DialogRunBase object not initialized

Hi all,

using this class i’m trying to create a dialog, but object is not initializing, below is my code dialog in class.

class Class1 extends InventReport_Base

public Object dialog(Dialog _dialog)
DialogRunBase ret;
ret = super(_dialog);

return ret;

public Object dialog(Object _dialog)


DialogRunbase dialog = _dialog;


//////put your code here

return dialog;



_dialog parameter will be null, hence DialogRunBase object not initialized error is throwing. Please can you provide some example on how to use.

Hi Ambanna,

One example is below -

public Object dialog()
DialogRunbase dialogRunbase;


dialogRunbase = super();

dialogFromDate = dialogRunbase.addFieldValue(typeid(TransDate), fromDate, “@SYS5209”, “@SYS23192”);

dialogToDate = dialogRunbase.addFieldValue(typeid(TransDate), toDate, “@SYS14656”, “@SYS23192”);

return dialogRunbase;


There are some examples in tutorial classes -

Hope this helps,