Dialogbox with radiobutton

hello everyone

i want to created dialogbox with radio button …

kindly reply possible solution.

Thanking You.

Use an enum or EDT with Style property set to Radio button.

Martin I created my EDT with style as checkbox but i dnt know how to use that in dialog box could u explain me???

You’ll find a bunch of examples if you look in AX or even on Internet - don’t be lazy. :slight_smile: At first check this: Creating a Dialog. (If you have AX2012, use extendedTypeStr() or enumStr() instead of typeId() in addField().)

Hi Manimaran,

Use the below code to generate a simple dialog with check box.

Dialog dlg;

DialogField dlgField;

DialogGroup dlgGrp;


dlg = new Dialog(“Simple Dialog”);

dlgGrp = dlg.addGroup(“Test”);

dlgField = dlg.addField(TypeID(NoYesId), “Selection”);


Try this code in Job.

Hi Pratham,

Use the below code to create a simple dialog with radio button. But before writing this code in JOB, you have to create a base enum with 2 elements and set the style property to “Radio Button”.

Consider I have created a BaseEnum named “Result” with style property set to “Radio Button”.

Try this code in a JOB.

Dialog dlg = new Dialog();

DialogField dlgField;

FormRadioControl formControl;


dlgField = dlg.addField(typeid(RadioButton));

formControl = dlgField.control();


Hope it works…

Ya its working faisal Raja Thanks For ur reply…