how to bring the current Bank account in dialog field automaticaly when generating the cheque report through path

AP>journal>paymentJournal>function>generate payments

You can get this by adding the below code to the class - VendSumForPaym.

in the main method add the code which is bold underlined…

VendSumForPaym vendSumForPaym;

boolean runDialog;

ledgerJournalTrans ledgerJournalTrans_bank;


switch (args.dataset())


case tablenum(LedgerJournalTrans) :

ledgerJournalTrans_bank = args.record();

vendSumForPaym = CustVendSumForPaym::newLedgerJournalTrans(args.record());

runDialog = vendSumForPaym.validateTransactions();

if (ledgerJournalTrans_bank.OffsetAccountType == LedgerJournalACType::Bank)



default :

throw error(Error::wrongUseOfFunction("@SYS24287"));


Thanks Kranthi Its working fine