In dialog i have written look up method.while clicking the control the look up method is firing.It is working fine.i am trying to performing look up over there.

SysTableLookup sysTableLookup = SysTableLookup::newParameters(tablenum(LedgerJournalName), this);

I have written this code. this is showing error.Instead of ‘this’ i need to point the control name.In runtime how do i get the control name?

Is it possible? can any one share your knowledge?



HI saju what you are exactly trying to do?

Instead of this try by addding the dialogField there.

I tried this.Its not working.

hi saju,

According to me, if you want to use sysLookup class then you should use form insted of dialog.

and how to create sysLookup form is given in AX help.



Hi Mehul,

problem is like this.I have created one dialog.I have added one control called Account num,Table is Custtable.Based on 1101 account number it should filter the Account numbers.Dialog is executing in the run time.

This is the code i have written.

Systablelookup Systablelookup = Systablelookup ::newparameters(tablenum(Custtable),this));

In this code “this” keyword is pointing to the control.In dialog I am getting control in run time.How do i get the control name in run time.



ok saju but if you look at argument of ::newparameters(1,2FormControl,3boolean),

so i think at the end anyhow you will be able to get dialog field to use but it will not satisfy “Second Argument” in this method as its type is FormControl.

s u r rite.

Hi kranthi,

I got the solution. Instead of this i used Dialogfield.Control() method as u told.



hi saju,

means that method works fine if you pass Dialogfield.Control()…??

In runtime it will get the control name.that means in form you are creating the control.but in dialog the dialog class creating the controls while running.If you call "Dialogfield.control()"method it will return the control name.



Hello Saju,

Can you please post your code snippet here? I have a similar issue, and I am trying to piece a custom dialog together at run time.

– M