Dialog Method of runbase batch class


I have a requirement to add the SalesId as input parameter in a class which extends runbasebatch.

The input parametere salesIS should be fieltered in such a way that only Sales Orders of type “open order” only are shown.

When I add the field using addfieldValue(typeId(SalesId),Salesid) , the look up is showin all the sales oreder.

My question is how can i add a filter on the above to show sales oredrs of type open order only.

If any one has done this please suggest.




Use relation (Normal and RelatedFieldFixed) for EDT.


Thanks for the suggestion .

what in case if the selection criteria is not a base enum, then i can not have RelatedFieldFixed to put in.

Please suggest.



For that you need to create an EDT.

In the relations add normal relation → EDTName == SalesTable.salesId.

Related Field Fixed → 1 == SalesTable.SalesStatus