Dialog Class


For Report i write Dialog class in that there should be dimension
Forthe dimension there is three fields for that i need only two fields country,region,product
in that i did not need product but it will come automatically how will i avoid it


Hi Selvan,

To fix your issue, you will have to get the Dimension control and remove the string you dont want to see.

In my dialog() method I have added this line,

dimension = dialog.addField(typeid(SysDimension)); // Add the SysDimension - Department, Cost Center & Purpose

Override dialogPostRun and get the control and delete the string. In my case, I want to remove Purpose string.

public void dialogPostRun(DialogRunbase dialog)
FormRun formRun;
FormComboBoxControl formComboBoxControl;

formRun = dialog.formRun();
formComboBoxControl = formRun.design().controlName(dimension.name());

Hope this helps.