DHL integration with NAV


Actually Our requirement is to integrate DHL services with NAV and need to generate a label, We tried so much but it is totally

different thing

they given some client software for that, But we want to generate through NAV.

We are able to accesses the DHL shipment validation Request service and getting response as expect after that we struck up.

So any body experienced this integration share with me clearly it will little bit helpful for us.

We are using NAV 2009R2 version

Thanks in Advance


I don’t have any experience with integrating DHL with NAV, but you might try contacting DHL. They have a web page about technology integration.

Maybe a long shot.

Good luck.

Thanks for Response,

From DHL Any way they will provide some client software to generate label, But we want to generate the label through NAV. We have E-Ship module(I am new to this)

there is setup for that but I don’t understand any thing from that, so that normally I communicate with XML Ports. But after getting the response I was struck up next how to generate label with that text file,

Any body if Know how to setup and communicate with E-Ship module can share with me, I don’t find any related documents for E-Ship that’s the main problem.

I am using NAV 2009 R2 Version

Thanks in Advance