Development Logger

Just a quick post to see if anyones interested in a developoment logging tool for Nav. Its a seperate program that monitors your database and any changes to objects that are saved are stores and logged in a central dev db. The mods are stored and are retreivable so you can go back to previous objects if you need. I’m just tidying up the program an wanted to know if theres much demand for it. Cheers Rick Tweedle

That would really be worth looking at. If your application works well, I believe there will be quite some interest in it.

Yep, count us in, we would be very interested… Meint

Sounds very very interesting!!! Regards, Frank

And a lot of NSC’s will probably also be interested.

Let’s hear more about it… [:)]

I have written a tool that detects the opening and closing of a navision designer object. This tool sends a trigger to a navision form. This form makes an BLOB export (still no text possible [V]) and sends the object to an source safe server. This way every modification is logged and you can go back to every saved version. Also logged is the person who edited it. The problems of version archieving has been overcome, but it is quite difficult to finetune it, so i’m still working on that. But for now it is fully automated and if there is a version conflict you will get a message (when you are working in a local database and you try to edit an object and a new version of that object is available in Source Safe you will get notified, logic is programmed in C/AL). Soon we will go into a test phase. Some things we still don’t know is the performance when there are a lot of versions of an object but that we’ll soon find out. Maybe we will make it available sometime …

You basically boot the application up, and point it at a datbase, database server, sql server… and click go. You then work away (even if the database is local (ive managed to get it to watch the database as a second session)), any changes to the database structure are logged, date, time, user… and stored. When you close the monitor it then logs the developments into another nav database for you, you can then see who did what and when. My next step is to replicate the compare tool so that you can see the actual lines of code / parameter changes made. (just have to decode the navision encrypton or find a way of automating the exporting of text files from the object designer). I’ve got a working sample running (and testing) as we speak i just need to tidy it up.

Oh, Rick, your tool is already there? Thought you were planning on making one … I have to read better … [:D]

Hmm, seems that our tools look a like, except that i use automation to detect opening and closing of navision designer forms and i’m using sourcesafe to store objects. I’m still facing the same problems as you do.

we can be beta testers…

Funny. Short while ago I looked at the open source tool “subversion” to achieve what you describe here, but quite rapidly choked on the documentation. Yours sounds cooler.

Keep up the good work! This looks as a very nice tool.

i’ll be uploading a demo / beta version v soon, so you can all laugh at the quality of my coding!