Developer's Toolkit 2.00 SP1- Out off memory

Hello When using Developers Toolkit 2.00 SP1 during the automatic merge wizzard, we are getting the error message “Out off memory”. We tried this several times and it allways happens, when the Developers toolkit trys to “merge” Codeunit 5000093. Well i don’t think that this error depends on that codeunit, i more think it is somehow an application problem, as at this point the automatic merge process has finished about 60%-70% of the merge process. propably anyone has an idea on how to sovle that problem.

Hi Ufuk, may be it will help when you kill the codeunit 5000093 in all versions and merge this single codeunit manually? br Josef Metz

Hello Josef, i deleted 5000093 and several following codeunits, after doing so, the import wizard runs through. It seems that the Developer’s Toolkit has a problem with such big codeunits. Ufuk Altinkaynak

Hi Ufuk, can you isolate the problem to the few codeunits that you have deleted, and make a Service Request in the MBS-PartnerSouce with this example? br Josef Metz

Hello Josef, well i could, but i am not a Partner, so propably someone who is a partner can do that ? btw. The deveoper’s toolkit has several other “bugs” like displaying wrong cal trigger code or sometimes it simply “forgets” to display any code :wink: