Developer’s Toolkit – Using the Tables Directly

One of the great things about the developer’s toolkit is that it utilizes a NAV database to store all the great data that it uses. This makes it very easy to create additional reports and forms in that database that provide additional analysis of the data.

For example, I was recently involved in an upgrade project where we had a number of function ID conflicts in the different object versions due to multiple add-ons and custom code in the database. In many cases these are easily identified in the upgraded database because other objects that make calls to these functions will fail to compile. But if the signatures of the two functions that conflict are the same then there will be no compile error and it can be very difficult to find these situations. My first thought was to develop a process that would involve exporting the different object versions as text files and then to analyze those text files to find function ID conflicts. Then I realized that the process of importing a text file into the developer’s toolkit does most of this work for me. In particular, it populates a Function table that contains records for each function that has been defined. Fields identify the object type and ID, the function name, the function ID, and which version the object belongs to. With this data already in place it was a simple task to write a report to identify all functions in two different versions that are defined in the same object, have the same ID, but have different names.