Developer or User in Security Industry needed

I am with a Dallas based company entereing the residential security and communications business. We have reviewed navisions finacial product and are very impressed. We are interested in looking at a enterprise wide navision solution and are trying to find a developer or user that is using navision products in the residential or commercial security field. If you now of such an individual or application please let me know. Also which other forums do you think i should post my inquiry in?

Dear Scott, First you should have posted a question like this to the NOLUG forum. But your actual request (I need a developer/user), that could be posted either to the WANTED forum, if it’s a solution you’re looking for. Here you can post an add describing what you’re looking for. Or you could use the OPEN SUBJECT forum, if it’s more a member-2-member contact you’re looking for. Best regards, Erik P. Ernst, webmaster Navision Online User Group