Dev environment to Test environment

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I have moved the xpo from dev to test environment. but no impact on changes.

I need to achieve the xpo related to report in test environment.

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What changes/type of objects are in that XPO? What is your AX version?

Apparently that seems different from DEV,
can you describe little bit on your Test environment ?

Earlier, report for the sales invoice has so many designs. I have duplicate one design and made changes only in that particular report. it was not working and after that i come to know, because of too many designs, business connector was unable to hold it. then after removing few design and start executing it. it was working in dev environment.

after that take the SSRS report object and associate project backup.

opened the test environment. import it directly.

i try to compare the report. but my colleaque has told, its not possible to compare. and i have googled it and got to know. i have to deployed directly without comparing.

I moved that report into test environment and keep checking it is working with new changes. but it didn’t work with new changes.

report objects : SSRS reports
using AX 2012 r2

test environment is cus layer. the working layer in dev also cust layer. when i was importing the objects.

I got a message.

You want to import all the object or not?
Yes , yes to all, No to all, No… like this.

it shows a message, it is available in another layer. earlier the object is in cus layer of the dev environment. now i want to move the objects to cus layer on test environment.

after removing few designs from dev and it was working fine in dev environment. earlier it was not working on dev environment. I have gone few on the forum got to know. if more designs are there it Business connector won’t make any changes.

I got error like…

Operation failed due to issue connect on AOT.the operation can be restored. you must redo the operation.

After i remove few old design from the report. i was working fine in dev environment.

now what to do to work in test environment.

Do you see the new designs in design node of the ssrs report in TEST or the changes done in the visual studio?
If so it could be a caching issue. Try by restarting the SSRS service.

Also please cross check, if there are any customization’s in other layers (CUP, VAR, VAP or USR layers) that may be obstructing your new changes. Redeploying the SSRS report should technically replace with the new report but I would suggest to delete the existing SSRS report and deploy it back from AOT. That way you know that the new one is updated. You will see the changes with the new time in the IE browser on SSRS page. Hope these steps help you.

thanks kranthi, I have removed log file from this location and update the report on SSRS node. it started working.

As you said, it was there on cus layer of the dev. after moving there was no changes. and i have removed the log files in the location. and update the report by build,deploying it on ax it starts working. as you said, it is right, only very few modification on the report and there was no conflict after exporting from dev environment to test. I have deleted the cache and removed the log files from report server. and redeployed it after updating the report. Thank you venkat

You are welcome and am glad to hear that you were able see the changes now.