Detection of expired batches

I have the following batch created in AX 2012

I’m trying to get it reported in some inquiry or report in AX without success…

I’m trying the following inquiries:

Inquiries\Batches\Shelf advice as of date, Shelf life as of date and Best before as of date the date I entered in the screen was 14/12/2012, 15/12/2012 and 16/12/2012 and nothing was shown in the screen…


Does anybody knows if something special needs to be considered in order to have a report/inquiry with expired batches?

The item of course has inventory tracking dimension Batch activated, I also try with a FEFO item model group, but still nothing…

Thanks as always and regards!!

Do you have an inventory for that batches? (at least physically updated)

Yes I do Kranthi, I entered 10 units with a movement journal, the lot is not automatically created with a batch group but manually.

Does it appear if you set it as 16th?

Is your disposition code available?

The answer is yes for both… I’m using the counting journal for expired batches instead.

Thanks a lot!