Details Regarding CreditCardAuthTrans Table

Hi Freinds,

In CreditCardAuthTrans Table,There are feilds “Authorization and AuthorizeNetTransId”.i am not understanding when we are doing authorization of credit card these two feilds are showing values using microsoft payment services form.But when i am doing with newly created paymment services it is showing “0”.can u suggest any solution.

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HI Manasa,

If you are using your own Payment Service, you need to use those payment related Dll’s in the Class like MVCreditcardprocessor which will extend the credItcardprocessor Class

in Submit() method

there will be 4 blocks of code for

  • Authorization

  • Void

  • Refund

  • Settlement

in Authorization block of code we will get the response from the payment service, after the response from payment service it will store into the table



Hi Vamshi,

Thanks For the reply,i have a doubt regarding data entering in creditcardauthtrans table.

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After Completion of Authorization using Credit card the status is not displaying in creditcardAuthTrans.Can you suggest why like this error came.

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