Details about Next Version AX

Hi All,

.Net&JavaScript and HTML is it required Next version of AX for Technical Consultant Guys?

Development will still be done mainly in X++, not in HTML or JavaScript. Nevertheless if you’re not familiar with them at all, learning basics would surely be beneficial.

Knowledge of .NET is very helpful even now, when dealing with managed components, CIL, .NET Interop, web services, config files, problems with assembly binding and so on and so on. Therefore yes, understanding .NET framework is important, but notice that it’s not about any specific language.

But Microsoft Planning Next version of AX is planning to Web based ERP.Then That time what we are using?

Yes, that’s the version I’m talking about.

Server-side logic of web sites can’t be written in HTML; it uses languages such as PHP, Java, C#, Python or, in this case, X++.