Detail Trial Balances & Summary Trail Balance are not same...

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when I run the detailed trail balance and compare to the summary trial balance I don’t get the same total. Updating the balances in the dimension sets doesn’t seem to help.

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Dear All

Any update about the above subject.


Make sure your parameters are the same, for beginning. Try to look for a delta and look at that entry and determine what’s unique abt that line item

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Thaks for your reply but i didn’t understand you please explain again…



I am having the same issue and rebuilding the balances and dimensions is not solving it. When I run the report in summary mode it has an additional entry not showing up on the detail mode. When I see the posting details through GL-Common-Main Accounts-Posted, I am able to see an entry that is in the GL but not showing on the detailed Trial Balance report. Any help is appreciated.

What AX version do you have ‘?

We run AX 2012.

Kernal version 6.0.947.862

Application version 6.0.947.280

Solution version 6.1.1108.0

Does that help?

I have made a quick search in partnersource and there are several hotfixes for the trial balance report for your version of AX, I would give a try, by applying hotfixes and check if the issue is solved