Desktop Shortcut Opens Wrong Client

Hi, I am trying to allow a user to run some processing in Navision straight from the desktop. I have created a form that will run the necessary processing and have tried to use the ‘send shortcut to desktop’ option to allow the user to open directly to this form. The problem i am having is that it always opens the most recently installed version of attain (3.70 in this case) when the database i am working on is in 3.60. Does anyone know a way of allowing me to choose which client i use from the desktop shortcut? This won’t be a problem for our customer as they only have one client installed, but i would like to be able to test this fully before sending it to them without having to uninstall 3.70. Any help would be gratefully received. Thanks John

There are two options: I have a similar situation on my system, since I work with many client databases, this is what I do: ============= I rename the database extensions. Example: if I have a database in 2.50a, I call the database [clientname].fdb250a. I then setup a file association (registered file type in Win2k) and point the .fdb250a to the executable that I want to run. (I have never seen this recommended, I do it because I can never remember which version my clients are on, and am too lazy to look in my log). It would be interesting to see what others have to say about this practice. ========Option 2. ==I’ve seen this recommended. The other option is to create the shortcut from the executable rather than from the database. Click the properties of the shortcut and change the target to something like this: “D:\NavisionServers\3.60fin.exe” “database=i:\Clients\R\database.fdb” Where the first part is the path to the executable and the second is the path to the database. hope that helps.

Thanks very much for the help, it certainly got me headed in the right direction but here comes the next bit. We already use the second option to open our different customers databases directly from the desktop, but the problem comes when using the send shortcut to desktop option for a specific form. A normal shortcut allows you to open a client and you can specify a the exe file in the target area (as seen in previous post). Unfortunately the shortcut sent to desktop from navision is a URL and i can’t seem to see any way of specifying which client for it to use in the shortcut properties. Any ideas or do i just have to work around it?

I think the two of you are talking about two different things. John in answer to your question (Regarding a URL shortcut), …difficult. The URL links point through a registry entry created during install, so it would be difficult without a screw driver and a set of #9 pliars and RegEdit. Having said this, I assume that you could find the “navision://client/run?database=” entry, and work to make it something diferent, much like Webb is doing for the normal Database shortcuts. Personally I can’t se a real need for it, otherwise I would spend the time trying it. But if you do get it working, then please let me know how.

Thanks David, As tempting as the #9 pliars option is, we have ended up settling for just doing our test on a machine we managed to find without 3.70 on it yet (thankfully). I completely agree that it may be possible in the way you have mentioned but unfortunately came to the same conclusion about time and effort required [;)]. If i get a few minutes i will investigate the possibilites and post any solutions here. Thanks again for everyones help. Regards John