Designing Navision Report

I am designing a Trial Balance to include descriptions that I write in the journals at the time of original entry. That is, if a check is issued for a donation, in the Description Field, Salvation Army will be typed over the description: Donations (chart of accounts default). Or, if a journal entry, in the General Ledger module is entered for depreciation, June Depreciation may be typed in the Description Field where: Depreciation is shown (again, the chart of accounts default). Then the check or journal entry is posted. I designed a Report using the Wizard to include the Field: Description. When I viewed Description on the G/L Entry Table (the table used for this report), the correct description displays (such as Salvation Army). However, when the report is run, the default shows up instead such as: Invoice 2222. What I want is the description to be the one I type over when inputing a check, journal entry, cash receipt etc. Any thoughts? Thanks…

A new report or are you modifying an existing one ?

This is a new report but it is similar to the Trial Balance Detail/Summary Report found in the General Ledger module. The selections are account# and posting date. The columns are: Posting Date, Description, Debit, Credit and Amount. Totalling is on Account. Just a simple report.