Design of a report

Hi all,

I’m trying to make a invoice design for a customer, but i can’t make it work quite the way I want it. It looks like this:


| No. | Name | Quantity | Cost |

| No. | Name | Quantity | Cost |


The problem is that between the last line and the footer the space has to be filled with blank lines like:

| | | | |

Can this be done ? And how ?


Use Footer Section and Property PlaceInBottom (!) = Yes.


Use this property to indicate whether a footer section should always be printed at the bottom of the (physical) page.

Applies to

Footer sections




Always print the section at the bottom of the page Yes
Print the footer section right after the last section printed No (the default)


Obviously, this property has the greatest impact on the last page of a report, but there might also be white space at the bottom of other pages. This is the case if the next section to print does not fit in what remains of the physical page.


That was not what i meant. I have the footer section, and placed it in the bottom. But between this footer section and the lines above it is a blank area. I want to fill this blank area (no matter how large or small it is) with empty lines.

How do I do this ?

You could use a padding buffer. Determine the number of lines you want to print on a page. In the dataitem that you have now printing that section just fill in a temp table of that record and don’t print anything. Use an integer dataitem with the MaxIteration set to the number of lines you need to print. Then iterate thru your temp table filled in by the dataitem printing each line, then printing blanks if the number of records runs out before the number of lines you want to print.

Thanks DigiTecKid,

That was what i was looking for.