design and run report not have permission

hi guys some one send to me report as fob file his id is 60200 but when i import my database in dynamic nav it already imported and after i selected this report then press design or run button it give me error you dont have permission to read please contact system administrator to have your permission changed how can i solve this proplem

my licence limit to create report from 50000 to 50099 i dont know this limit related to proplem or not

please help me


You’ll need to either update your license to include 60200 or have the person renumber the report to an ID in your allowed range. Those are your only two options.


the licence you are using in chronus it will not allow you to modify it after importing. You cannot do any thing to that fob i have send you.But later i have send you one text file this you can open in word or notepad and search for no 60200. change it to wht ever you want it to be then import it to your db.

OK I will wait you

hi parjeesh i make as you tell me i take last file you send to me i open as notepad and word then i change the id to 50001 but when i make import to dynamic nav the error message tell me you dont have permission to run file,import,text system how i solve the proplem

The chronus license you are using dont have the permission for you import. May be.

Have you opened the text file in notepad and changed the id to 50001 and imported it?

if it not allowing you still check your license.

go to tools–>licence information check there i think you have permission in demo license to import report the id 50000–50099

if still not possible you need to get license from some of your friends get one developer license even back dated.

change the system date to back date ie 2008 some thing like that and work on it.

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Dear David,

Read the sentence fully. I have made a test report for him according to his requirement.

Since my license will allow me to make it in 60000 series i made it in that series.

I have send him the fob of the report which he found cannot be modified or opened after importing.

Later i have told him to modify the text file which i have send alone with the first fob.

and import it so he can work on it.(if he have changed the id to 50000 range)

so dont be angry [:D]

How can he import a text file with a cronus license [;)]

The majority of customer licenses will not allow you to import or export as text. I’m still voting for my original response as the solution.

Sorry i never worked in Chronus License my mistake[:(]


Try this one i believe you will be able to import it since its in 50001 id.
Two Reports.fob (274 KB)