Design a standardinvoice

The situation is the following:

We’ve got several suppliers whose invoices consist of multiple ( about 200) invoicelines. Now I would like to know if it is possible to design some sort of invoice-layout, so that when I select one of the beforementioned suppliers, Navision automatically generates the invoice, and I just have to check the lines that are invoiced as well as the amounts.

I really hope there is a solution…


I am not really sure of what you are trying to do, but if I assume you are getting supplier invoices in that are similar, or indeed purchase orders and then get receipts etc, then you can use the copy document funciton to bring in the 200 lines from the previous invoice and simply amend the ones you want to amend.

Hi Steven, it’s not that for those particular invoices a purchase order has been created. The invoices are directly booked onto a G/L account. So I don’t think that just simply copying the lines will do the trick.[B]

And, I’m sorry, I meant Steve off course.

If you receive the supplier invoice, I’m assuming that you have the purchase order premade already? Or else how will you reconcile between what items was actually with your supplier and what items they’re invoicing you?

If the purchase order is entered, the invoicing the purchase order should be as easy as you mentioned.


I think I maybe misunderstanding the original question, essentially you get a supplier invoice of 100 lines, the next month you get one almost the same - what you want is an easy method of not rekeying a similar invoice? If this is the case the copy document function is exactly what you are looking for, if this is not the case, what is the case? [:D]

Hi Steve,

That’s the case, so I guess: Problem solved!

Thanks a lot!![Y]