Description in Charts of Accounts

Hi, I have a problem to get the correct description on my charts of accounts when e.g. invoices are booked through the Purchase & Payables, orders & invoices routine. When these orders/invoices are posted a description in my charts of account occurs like: invoice 8-011 or something similar. At invoice entry a description has been keyed like: PC-PIII, 1.1 gb with invoiceno.: 8-011. If any journal entry is made through the general journal entry (main page) the description occurs correct in my charts of account. Sounds familiar ? Any advise appreciated… Johannes

Hi Johannes The problem is that when booking fra eg. Purchase & Payables the lines are collected in a buffer (TABLE 49) that do not include description. In our Navision Financials we have made the following changes: Description is added to Buffer table and added to the primary-key, so that if 2 lines has different descriptions, 2 postings are created.

Hello Claus, I did what you said but the result is the same: I bought 4 colour printers: Invoice: Type No. Description Location Code Quantity Unit of Measure Code Direct Unit Cost Amount Gen. Prod. Posting Group VAT Prod. Posting Group Line Discount % Account (G/L) 1210 2 * HP colour Printers FG41 2 1,000.00 2,000.00 SERVICES VAT19 Account (G/L) 1210 2 * HP colour printers FG41 2 1,000.00 2,000.00 SERVICES VAT19 this shows my charts of accounts: Posting Date Document Type Document No. G/L Account No. Description Prior-Year Entry Gen. Posting Type Gen. Bus. Posting Group Gen. Prod. Posting Group Amount Bal. Account Type Bal. Account No. Entry No. 09/18/01 Invoice PI01-0651 1210 Invoice 9-002 No Purchase DOMESTIC SERVICES 4,000.00 G/L Account 5365 Hope you can read this. The problem is that this standard routine forces me to get to the original invoice again as there is absolutely no logic description in the charts of accounts. Maybe my NF version needs an update where this problem is solved …?

Hi Johannes, this is not a problem with Navision, so it isn’t going to be “fixed” :-(. I get this request from about 1 in 10 Navision users, so mathematically 90% of people like it the way it is. But don’t panic, Navision is designed to be modofied for this [i]very easily[/] There are two basic ways of solving this; 1/ The first is to modify the posting routine as suggested by Claus. Your NSC will be able to do this for you. 2/ The second option is to access the information after posting. You can do this in a number of ways: a/ Put a flow field on you G/L Entry table (17) that drills down to the original posted line. This is the easiest and fastest solution. b/ Create a simple function on the G/L Entry Table. This can give you a better result since you have more control over source tables etc. c/ Put a button on the form that links to a new form based on the Purchase line table, and dynamically link it to the G/L Entry. I have used all four of these options on different customers and each customer has a different need. So speak to your NSC to get the system modified as needed. PS when using option 1/ what Claus suggests is fine, but in most cases I have found it better to use the Purchase/Sales Line No. to add to the key, and just basically ignore the buffer. _________________________ David Singleton Navision Consultant since 1991 dmks22@home.com___________

In The Netherlands, this question is asked more often, probably because many accountants have been working with that Dutch software package (ehh, can’t remember the name exactly), where the description of the invoice line is copied to the G/L entry. Although the drilldowns and lookups in Navision are providing the information quite easily also, we also have modified the posting routines often to adapt to this copy-description practise. As David said, ask your NSC, they’ll know exactly what you mean. John

Thanks all, I will contact NSC and will let you know. Johannes

Hi all, The easiest way to get custom invoice descrition to post through is to expose the “Posting Description” field on the invoice/order forms. Customers can do this if they have licensed the form designer. No code writing is necessary. This is true for all sales and purchase documents. Alex

Alex Suggestion is correct, by adding the Posting Description field to either the sales or purchase header. Whatever is entered into this field will be the description used in the General Ledger. The one downside is that if you have a mixed invoice which contains diffent line items. You will need to enter a generic description. _________________________ Wendy O’Connor - co moderator Attain/Financials - End User Questions NOLUG