Description field with a dynamic size

The Description field in Sales line table is a text of 50 .

But when I used all 50 characters, in invoice report I wold like to print all description field in different lines, because I do not have space in report for all description.

How can I lead with description size as a Dynamic field to be distributed for multi lines in report.


Set the MultiLine property of your Description TextBox to YES and increase its height (make double), the disadvantage is that in case the description is of short length then you will be wasting one line space.


But that solution does not solve the problem :frowning:

Why not? What is not solved by this?

Yes, you can use MultiLine property but in short record there are wastage of sapce.You can use String functions for that.take your description field in in a string.use copystring function, count spaces.

You can use Integer another dataitem,and print it if your string if is not null.

Is there any example in any Nav object where I can see how to do that?

Just click on the text box in the report designer that contains the description. Do Shift+F4 to view the properties. Set MultiLine = Yes. Then make the text box taller in the actual section.

Thanks Matt, that was Dhan solution but did not help me on this case.

If it did not help you then why did you say the solution was correct?

Please explain what happens when you do it this way. The method described is the best way to go about it.

may be luana didn’t enlarge or add height to the textbox? so the change doesn’t appear.

The description field is the same after change Multiline = yes and after increase the height in report description field


At this moment the height value for description is 1000 and multiline is Yes. But the descrption is not totaly printed in report,

Are you sure you changed the right text box? Reports can have many sections, all of which might have a description field in them.

You can determine which section is printing by placing a small label on the left hand side of each section that describes where it is.

Yes, I am sure, and for that, I changed all description field in all section of my report.

You can set a control to a certain height and multiline, and still have it be too small for the text that you want to display. I usually test by setting the value to something like “WWW WWW WWW WWW MMM”, since the capital W is the biggest letter, and that ‘word’ with the M’s will tell me if the whole string is there. If that fits in there, the control should be big enough to show anything.

The native NAV report designer does not have dynamic sizes. You will have to make the control big enough to show the maximum text.

Please there seems to be some form of miss-communication here

even when you use multiline it wont work perfectly. take for instance you have a variable text from a database e.g an item description.

it can be from one to 5 lines according to the description supplied.

so how do u make the text box display one line when its a single line and then auto expand when there are more than one lines??

this property is very visible with Html code where boxes expand with the content… hope this is clear … i have had this problem for long and i use multiline and the port looks bad when there is a single line…