Derived value model entries

Hi there,

I have set up a value model, say (STLINE), with posting layer = “Current”, and have this value model set up in the FA posting profile, so the correct GL accounts are set up for the related transaction. I can see the depreciation entries generated via “Depreciation proposal”, so all good

However, this value model also has a derived value model, using different depreciation profile, and with a posting layer of “TAX”, I named this value model STLINE_TAX, I have also included the transactions that need to be related to STLINE_TAX. My intension is to use this value model for user to report their tax.

After I add the asset to the system, create the acquisition journal, and run depreciation proposal, all I can see is the entries related to STLINE value model, where can I find those entries related to STLINE_TAX ??

Thanks in advance