Dept-Company Menusuite Corrupt, How to get an unmodified version?


I am trying to do some updates to the Dept-Company menusuite but whenever it gets compiled it corrupts. I went into a fresh install of cronus but it wasnt there. Where can I find a new copy of this menusuite so I can start from scratch?


It doesn’t exist. By definition the company menusuite is a customization. If you want to start from scratch, delete all menusuites and import the ones from a standard Cronus database.

Hi, what error message are you specifically getting when you are trying to save your menusuite?

It does not give an error until you try and run RTC, and then it crashes with a missing Company. What is interesting is that if you open it, even with no changes, and the close it, it asks you to compile, if you press yes it will corrupt.

Is there any way you could have imported menusuite objects that are not compatible with the version you are currently on?


Best way import menusuite from standard Cronus as by default it is customization.