Ax 2012 CU7

I have created the Fiscal year using Day based for April- March and 14 periods has been created

I need to use Monthly depreciation for all fixed assets For this reason I create a following depreciation profile.

Its depreciation method : Reducing balance

Depreciation % - 20

Its depreciation year : Fiscal

Its period frequency :Fiscal Period

Testing purpose i bought asset on 02/01/14 (MM//DD/YY) , I run the depreciation on 06/01/14 , using depreciation proposal function.

System created 4 lines for FEB , MAR, APR, MAY but it is showing the same amount .

Why it is not calculating the depreciation based one the number days in each month.

For example - Feb - 28 Days

March - 31 Days

April -30 Days

May - 31 Days

Based on the number days amount need to be differ , but it is showing the same amount.

My problem is system is calculating month wise depreciation & not day wise.

I will appreciate , if you could help me

Best regards…

May I know which country has this kind of depreciation? I had gone through other thread which says day wise depreciation is available for Thailand. You may try to use that. Attached is reference.