Depreciation Question/nightmare

Got a question about Depreciation.

We have a fixed asset, there were several Acquisition costs accumulated before the initial depreciation entry, using Half Year convention.

After the first depreciation entry, there were additional Acquisition costs applied to the Fixed Asset. The posting date on the new acquisition cost was 12/15/11, while the posted date of the first depreciation line was 11/30/11.

What is happening is that due to the additional acquisition cost, the depreciation calc is only using 16 days for the number of days calculation and applying the half year convention. Basically the resulting depreciation is only on the new acquisition amount and DOES NOT include additional 3 months from the original acquisition costs that were depreciated on the initial entry.

I’m thinking that NAV doesn’t do this - IE you shouldn’t start depreciating until all the acquisition costs have been incurred.

Is this correct??