Depreciation of suspended asset after activation

If we have an asset that we suspend for say one year and then a year later decide to put it as active, how does the system deal with that? Does the status change date get put somewhere so that when it becomes active again, it knows to calculate depreciation from the date it went active again?
My guess is that it would calculated depreciation from the last run, much like adding value to an asset. If you for some reason wanted to calculate back depreciation you would have to do a depreciation adjustment but for Idle assets this would not be the case.

The asset status needs to be controlled here using the status field in value model. The status change date is not recorded in system as there is no transaction associated to it.

You can’t post depreciation of asset with status Suspended and that will also be not included in depreciation proposal. When the status is changed back to open, it will check the last date of depreciation run, which you already mentioned in question.


Thanks Pranav …