Depreciation of fixed assets.

Can any one please tell me - how to create multiple journal lines after depreciation of fixed assets in Ax 2012 ?

when - if that’s what you are doing and asking for - you use the depreciation proposal function in the journal then - per period calculated - you will get a line when you have the field “Summarize depreciation” unticked.

Thank u for your reply.

I have to create no of journal lines after we run depreciation of fixed assets. These lines are depends upon the dimensions in the ‘Transfer History’ . Means I have to run depreciation of fixed assets depends upon financial dimensions .

In AX depreciated amount is calculated monthly , displaying only last dimension. But I required lines should be generated with no of dimensions. Suppose fixed asset is transfer from dimension 002 to 003 on 15th day of month.

Then after run the depreciation two lines are generated with depreciation amount separately.

Thank u again.

I believe that if you want to keep the “old” dimension values for historic transactions then you should not use the functionality “Transfer history”.

The Transfer history is used if you want to make a change for earlier postings, e.g. the FA was posted on 002 and you realize it should have been posted on 003. Then you use this function to change historic ledger postings (viewable at Review transfer history) as well as changing the value to 003 on the value model so future transactions also will have value 003.

If you - on the other hand - want to keep old transactions with 002, then post with 002 and when finished (e.g. on the 16 on a month) then change the value on the value model manually on the fixed asset to 003 and next time the future transactions will have value 003 - leaving old transactions as they were.