Depreciation Calculation Issue

Dear Friends,

I have a issue with regards to FA Depreciation Calculation issue. Here is the explanation of the scenario:-

In the Legacy system Asset was purchased on 01/04/2006(dd/mm/yyyy) having the cost of Rs 10000/-.

Now we are trying to bring the same asset in ERP on the cut-off date i.e. 01/01/2014. Till 31.12.2013 Accumulated Depreciation was Rs 2000/-

For that I uploaded the FA Master to get the FA ID on 31.12.2013 along with following entries:-

Then posted the following three entries as on 31.12.2013 1) Acquisition Cost 8000/- 2) Acquisition adjustment 2000/- and for the Accumulated Depreciation 2000-.

System correctly showing the Net Book Value as Rs 8000/-.

Now I am trying to run the Depreciation proposal for the Jan’2014 month. The Depreciation method chosen is Reducing Balance Method with 13.91 % ( as its Air Conditioner). Also I have chosen the Depreciation Year as FISCAL and Period Frequency as FISCAL PERIOD on Depreciation Profile to get the Day wise Depreciation as per Indian requirement.

The issue is system is calculating the Depreciation for Jan month on the Acquisition Cost i.e. 10000/- not on the WDV or Net Book Value i…e 8000/-.

Kindly help me to calculate the correct Depreciation amount for Jan month onwards.

Do I am missing any setup to get the correct amount or its the Microsoft Bug. I am using AX 2012 R2 with CU7.

Quick solution is highly appreciated.


Rajat Jain