Depreciation calculation in navision


I have created an asset with the following details.

depr start date:01/Jan/2011

No of depr yrs:5 yrs

depr calc :Straight line.

Posted a closing balance as on 31/Dec/2010 with type acquisition of 1,000,000 and depreciation as on 31/Dec/10 with amt 10,000. So net book value as on 31 Dec 2010 is 990,000.

Now done automatic calculation of depreciation using the batch job for the period 2011. Given the fa posting date and posting date as 31 Dec 2011 for auto calc of depreciation . The resulting FA GL journal is populated with amount 198,000 instead of 200,000 . Is there any problem in the setup or is this the way the system calculates. Thanks in advance.

As book value on depreciation start date (1-Jan-2011) is 990’000, (NOT 1’000’000 anymore! ), Navision calculations are correct - 1 yr = 20% = 198’000.